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meet the brü brothers


Ryan is the original CEO and visionary for our journey. A natural-born engineer, Ryan combines his curiosity and mechanical capability with his passion to brew the perfect cup.  Coffee is Ryan's go-to fuel for work and play.  His love of coffee was sealed after a trip to Hawaii to sample 100% Kona coffee.  After that the journey began to create bru brohters and share that experience with others. 


Emily's formal introduction to coffee occurred during her childhood via her mother's daily morning cup of sticky, sweet instant cappuccino. Emily transitioned to the cold brewed variety during college and continued to seek out other varieties as she moved and traveled around the country. Brü Brother's is the culmination of her passion for business, engineering and design; all wrapped up in one delicious cup of brew.



Jim's love for coffee goes back to fond memories sipping java with nana on the patio. Caffeine has been energizing his thrill-seeking adrenaline lifestyle for decades. With hours in the cockpit flying for fun, hundreds of skydives, and years of motorcycling, bold coffee is his caffeinated beverage of choice! He has been a Brü Brother in the wings for several years, and in 2022 will now take the helm of Brü leading it boldly into the future...

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